Oh whispering dragonfly, where are you going as you flutter by? I can barely hear your whispers, but yet I know you are there… Ever so close. Wings of stained glass, wings glistening out of reach…but ever so close.

martha johnson as a child

You dance around singing whispers of secret dreams and wishes. Your delicate beauty keeps wonder and hope in my heart. The seasons come and go but yet I close my eyes and I can remember the warm sun on my face. Its golden warmth caresses and is only broken by the breeze. Yet the vision and thought of you can never be broken. You remain in my heart forever.

A moment of closeness for us with a dragonfly is rare…and that intimate moment is like a silent prayer. For once I saw her fragile wings content not to beat; I could not keep myself from reaching out to touch her wings. To my amazement, she did not dart off in hasty flight, but accepted my touch, however slight. The purity of mutual love, that moment we two shared, was broken in our silent bond...and with no words she declared…she knew my wish was that she rest with me and never fly. She whispered with her wings…I will always be close…and in your heart...as she flew away.

I will keep her whispering spirit close and her whispers will be forever in my heart.

Inspired by my beautiful mother~